Do i need to engage a Geomancer ?

Geometric is the ancient chinese art of placement and configuration of spaces in the external & internal of a building


  • Enhance harmony
  • Improve health
  • Increase wealth

Common Feng Shui

All items in the universe have been classified into 5 elements:-

  • WOOD
  • FIRE

Every item in our house has Feng shui/ Geomancy Values, as long we know which element it belongs to, we can harness them to achieve harmony, health and prosperity.


Procedure for basic move in ceremony

  1. Get everyone to dress up in nice and clean clothing
  2. Male owner of the house to light up the stove at the door, and make sure the charcoal is set alight and burning brightly.
  3. Male owner of the house to carry the rice bin and step over the charcoal stove,reciting auspicious phrases en route into the house. He will be the first to enter.Once inside the house ,open all the doors and windows. The female owner will be next to cross over the charcoal stove, carrying with her the welcome basket of froceries. She is also the one who rolls the pineapple in the house,and shout “财源滚滚来” for good measure.
  4. Once inside, she should start to:-
    1. Light the kitchen stove
    2. Boil a kettle of water
    3. Start cooking the tang-yuan